April 2021
April 16, 2021

Abuja Lawyers League

Passion Power


  1. Players and Equipment: A team can have a minimum of 9 players for any one game – 6 players of which one must be a goalkeeper and 3 substitutes. A minimum of 4 players are required for the game to go ahead. A. any written or oral complaint made to the organisers regarding teams playing unregistered players, will lead to the disqualification of the team and immediate stopping of the game. B. if a team has less than 3 players and borrows players to make up a team, the games will be classed as a friendly and their opponents will be awarded a 5-0 win. C.all verified players must be verified legal practitioners. D. all players must wear the same colored shirt (except GK). E. all players are advised are advised to wearshin guards and knee high socks. F. players must wear football boots.
  2. Referees: Please respect the referee, dissent will not be tolerated. All referee decisions are final.
  3. Goalkeeper: A. The GK is allowed out of his area when he does he will be treated as an outfield player. B. There are no restrictions on the GK using his feet in the area during active play. C. The GK can pick up a back pass. D. Goal kick distribution kicks from the floor as he would in a normal game (goal kick) from within the area. E. Open play distribution – underarm only
  4. Duration of the match: The match is fixed for 50 mins, 25 mins for each half. A maximum of 10 mins is given to change ends at half time, injury time is at the discretion of the referee
  5. Substitution: A. Unlimited substitution are allowed as long as the referee is made aware of the changes. B. substitutes must enter and leave the feild of play from behind their own goal. C. Substitutions can only be made when the referee gives permission and play has stopped.
  6. Fouls and Misconduct: A. The referee will deal with all fouls and misconduct which will be punished accordingly. B. slide tackels are not allowed (direct free kick) although players can slide to keep the ball in play if unopposed. C. any free kick is direct and the defending team must retreat at least 5 yards from the ball.
  7. Discipline: A. verbal warning B. 1st offence, blue card – 5 mins ban from the game. C. 2nd blue card in a game, red card – player will pay no further part in the game N1,000 fine and appropriate suspensions
  8. Penalty Area: any player is allowed in the penalty area to play the ball. A penalty (2 steps maximum) will be awarded for any infringement by the defending team in the area.
  9. Abandoned Games: In all cases where a match has been abandoned through the fault of one of the teams, the match shall be awarded to the opposition.
  10. General Playing Rules: A. a goal can be scored directly from any kick off. B. back pass rule – the GK can pick up a back pass. C. there are NO OFFSIDES. D. the ball is allowed OVER HEAD HEIGHT. E. for all other rules the law of Association football will apply.

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